Rui L.

If possible I want to give another five more stars to Julie. She is amazing and beyond amazing, both as a Realtor® and a person! She has been our blessing since the day we were referred to Julie and her partner Sheryl by our friend, also a top agent in the area five months ago. With Julie's help, we found our perfect new home in Burlingame which was beyond our expectations but still within our limited budget just in 3 months. We did not only get a place that we can call home but also start a wonderful friendship with her. Just love her! The unbelievable thing that just happened is that Julie got a perfect house for my husband's colleague only one month after our referral. She is awesome! Julie gained our trust from the very first meeting with her professionalism. She was punctual, well-prepared, efficient, polite, fun, and passionate! She has always been. She is a pro! As an agent, she has an impressive amount of knowledge about the area, from streets, neighborhoods, schools, shops, to actual people. We had little kids and usually had to drive from South Bay up to the Peninsula area to attend some of the open houses. With Julie, we did not need to waste a lot of time trying to figure out if the house was where we wanted it to be. Just ask if it is worth visiting. She made our house hunting very efficient! Speaking as a top agent, Julie has the best quality to be the one. Like many good agents, she is no doubt a very good listener. But one of their most amazing characteristics of her is that after tentatively listening to us she was always able to precisely read what we really need and what would work for us the best. Due to this super-tough market, we had gotten some very frustrating moments like when we found almost every house that within our budget had something really hard for us to tolerate. We had moments feeling quite defeated and even desperate like when we found there were too many offers above what we could afford. Becoming sort of emotional was not unusual during the tough house-hunting process, but it would definitely be got in the way when we needed to make the decision. It was Julie who had always been promptly answering my phone calls, patiently listening to me and calming analysis of the situation, encouraging me with all her insightful thoughts, super comforting words, and great sense of humor! A few minutes chat with her, stress or tears would turn into patience and hope. I was so thankful to her for she had always been able to successfully reassure us that with patine we will eventually get a house we want and we truly deserve. Because of her awesome personality, she has a really nice network and abundant resources in her business, from agent colleagues to whoever related to a house. With her partner Sheryl, they work like a dream team! She was able to assure us that we have been in very good hands, always! Even recently, I would still ask her advice or resources no matter house-related to kids-related occasionally. She is my dear friend now! Julie is also a very sweet human being. It was such a pleasure to work with her! No matter if we brought the kids with us or not to our meetings, she always thought about my kids, chatting with my girls, bringing homemade cookies, super adorable cupcakes for the girls. Her thoughtfulness has minimized our guilty for our little ones during our exhausting house hunting progress. My girls remembered this very sweet Aunt Julie who found the perfect home for us all. With Julie and her partner Sheryl, we got the only house that we truly love throughout months of house hunting with just one attempt to offer. We were blessed to have you! We were blessed to get this house as our new home! Julie, Thank you! Always welcome to stop by! I hope you will get a chance to try the cookies made by the girls in our new kitchen someday soon! Wish the best to you and all of your clients, old or new!

Larry S.

Everything you can possibly ask for in a Realtor® - Julie has it all, professionalism, experience, sensitivity, and people skills. After my dad passed away my sister and I interviewed several Realtors® and decided on Julie. We were highly impressed with her knowledge of the real estate market. She relies on a vast network of resources including her peers to ensure the best price possible. Proof of her talent came during the first open house when scores of people showed up to view the home. Within a few days, we received several offers resulting in a sales price beyond our expectations. From the very beginning, Julie gave us invaluable information on how best to show the house, including what improvements yield the best return, staging, timing, showing, pricing, and marketing. During the process, it seemed Julie was working only for us. She knew the neighborhood, the schools, parks, markets, transportation, etc., so she could answer questions from potential buyers. Julie availed herself 24/7. Communications were perfect and when it came time to process paper she was there to walk us through the daunting process. But the thing my sister and I appreciated the most was Julie's sensitivity and understanding. This was the home our dad built over 60 years ago, the only home we knew, a home filled with endless memories. Julie knew this and knew how emotionally difficult the sale of our dad's home would be on us. At times Julie acted more like a family member than our Realtor®. If you are looking for a Realtor® that will realize the best price for your home and will handle every step of the process with grace, dignity, access, and honesty, Julie is your Realtor®.

Zheng M.

I can't speak highly enough of Julie. She is absolutely amazing! My wife and I started our buying process in late 2017 in a very competitive Bay Area housing market. Throughout the entire time we worked with Julie, she was always proactive, caring, and super responsive, which made the tough buying process much less stressful. Julie is extremely knowledgeable of the market and has a very strong connection with the local real estate network. She helped us find numerous off-market and early showing opportunities. There were a couple of times, we were almost ready to submit offers but at the last minute decided the houses might not be 100% perfect for our family's needs. In cases like these, Julie always showed her understanding and support and never pushed us to make any uncomfortable decisions. This is one thing we really appreciate. When the right house emerges, Julie acts promptly and demonstrates a great deal of strategic planning to make sure our offer stands out in every perspective as much as we can. She helped us purchase our dream house at a very reasonable price. We were so thankful to have worked with Julie and we would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to buy in the Bay Area. She is the Best!

Min C.

Julie is a fantastic agent, she was very knowledgeable in the peninsula market, and was able to help us get our home in a very short time. She made us feel like we were the most important customer in the world to her, and always went the extra mile with us. She coordinated with the loan agent, the title company to make sure that we were able to close while my wife was away in China. Julie helped us keep up with the areas that we were interested in and was very patient with us through every step of the buying process. Julie also has very good connections with other agents as well as other contractors, she has helped tremendously in terms of recommending other professional help as we go through the process of doing upgrades for our new home. We were very glad to have had the opportunity to work with Julie and would recommend her to anyone who is selling or buying a new home.

Chloe D.

Julie Baumann was our Realtor® for our recent house purchase. She was absolutely incredible! We were able to buy our absolute dream house within a week of meeting her! She was so hardworking and incredibly kind. With her hard work and guidance, we were able to get our dream home for the advertised price, which is pretty unheard of in this current market, and no doubt only possible because of her. She is quick and organized, and any queries we had were almost immediately responded to and sorted. Also, her kindness and professionalism made the post-home offer acceptance period really easy. Our loan providers and title company both made a point of saying how great she was to deal with. I can't really say enough positive things about Julie. She has made what we thought not possible, our reality. She's a dream come true! You could not go wrong with having Julie as your Realtor®

Nas M.

What can I say about Julie other than that she is absolutely amazing! And professional, creative, and dedicated. The list is long. She assisted me in selling my San Mateo condo and with her amazing network of contacts, helped me to sell it at my dream asking price without even an open house! But that doesn't mean she didn't do all the prep work for the open house because she had a potential buyer. She worked very single angle - and I think that's what makes her special. By nature, I am skeptical. I don't trust new people, especially not Realtors® out to make a buck. But Julie is so different and it becomes evident the moment you meet her. I honestly will never use another Realtor® so I hope she stays in the business for a long long time. Thanks so much, Julie! You are the best at what you do!

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